No 1 USA Insurance is Ameritas dental

Ameritas dental if they do they might be so normative as to be in the minority right this idealized example of that year old who starts working and Ameritas dental then goes through an extremely predictable life that seems almost more like a caricature than an actual person .

Ameritas dental
Ameritas dental

There are plenty of people who are listening to this podcast right now who got a master’s degree and then .

Went to law school or they went to med school and they didn’t eat finish school until they were so these one-size-fits-all roadmaps .

That say by the age of you should have a full year’s worth of salary saved that doesn’t apply if you finish school at and likewise Christine you started your own business .

I know from personal experience that when you start your own business those first few years are often very very lean .

But you go through those painful initial lean years so that you can have really good earning potential down the road and so when you say that you started late I I might disagree with that or I might challenge you on that because those years in which I assume you probably had a few pretty lean years while you were starting your business I would consider.

Those years to be an investment that you made and they’re not an investment in the sense of pixels on a screen or digits in a bank account but it was an investment that came in the form of opportunity cost you you made less money than you otherwise could have so that you could start this business and now you’re reaping the rewards of it because

This business is successful it’s making seventy thousand dollars a year now this business is doing so well that you have the ability to say hey how else should I be handling my savings how should I be investing how do I accelerate my path to financial